A Different Kind of Love

Have you ever been in love, friend?
No, not that kind of love
Where lust is the one that lasts
And the body is all that matters

I’m talking about a different kind of love
One that grows out of admiration
Nurtured by respect
And reinvigorated by honesty

One that feels like home
Where the soul finds peace
The mind rests
And the body safe

One that teaches you about yourself
Shows you who you really are
Guides you as you make your destiny

One that casts lights on the shadows of your life
Brings them forth to the light
So that your life has shadow no more, only light

I’ve been in that kind of love, friend
In fact, I AM in that kind of love
This woman I love, you have to see her, friend
You have to see her

She is Courage
She is amazing
But even these words don’t do justice

If only you knew the story, my friend
You would know what I’m talking about
And you would know why this love brings me joy
Because, my friend, it’s a different kind of love

(Jakarta, 8.12.2016)

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