My Conversation with God

I just met God.
I asked Him to gather again a piece of me that’s scattered into millions.
He refused.
He said that I had to do it by myself.

I insisted. I wanted God to help as I couldn’t do it myself.
“It’s my heart, God. Without a complete heart I can’t love, can I?”
Don’t You want me to love?”

God said, “yes, I want you to love, my dear child.”

“Then why don’t You help me gather again my scattered heart?”

He spoke not even one word.

I yelled at Him.
He stayed in His peaceful silence.

I shouted, protested, got rude.
And then I got tired.

And I felt a hand touching my hairs. Gently.
And a voice saying,
“My heart was broken too, my child.
Many times.
But you don’t need a complete heart to love.
Love, my dear, with your last and smallest piece of heart.
And you will find your heart whole again.”

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