Nothing is Like Loving

When we lose someone we love
emptiness lingers
life stops running
clock stops ticking

A hole forms in our heart
that grows bigger

We try to fill that hole with achievements
doing great things
getting pat on the back
and a lot of congratulations
But the hole, it’s still there

Maybe we try friendships too
make a lot of friends
having fun, with occasional drunkenness
But the hole, it’s still there

Money, there’s nothing it can’t buy, right?
so look we for money
chasing it from sunrise to sunset
from one place to another
But the hole, it’s still there

Religion could help, we might think
thus pray we
But the hole, it’s still there

No matter what we do, the hole is still there
and that makes us sad
Why can’t we fill it?
What’s wrong with us?

We feel failures
get angry
become sad

But after all the emotions faded
All energies spent and tears dropped
We simply can do nothing but look back
And then we just realize
The truth
That nothing is like loving

January 9, 2014
Notre Dame

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