Outside the Academia

Workshop Name: Experimental and Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
Date: June – August 2013
Place: Pusat Studi Agama dan Demokrasi (Center for the Study of Religion and Democracy, PUSAD Paramadina)

Syllabus: Experimental Quantitative Syllabus
Dataset: Download Dataset
Day 1: Download Day 1′s Material (Thinking like an experimentalist and quantitative methodologist)
Day 2: Download Day 2′s Material (The basics of experimental design)
Day 3: Download Day 3′s Material (Understanding your data)
Day 4: Download Day 4′s Material (Hypothesis Testing: The Basics)
Day 5 : Download Day 5′s Material (ANOVA)
Day 6 : Download Day 6′s Material (Correlation and Regression)
—Course Ended as I had to left the country—