• High-Frequency Surveys on Indonesians’ Knowledge of and Attitudes on Politics (HI-RES SIKAP) (download)
    HI-RES SIKAP fields weekly surveys for 58 weeks from 27 November 2023 to 5 January 2025. It is inspired by the Nationscape project run by the Democracy Fund and UCLA, and is funded by the Singaporean Ministry of Education and the National University of Singapore. The project is a collaboration with Nicholas Kuipers.
  • Data on mosques and mushallas in Indonesia (download)
    This dataset was scraped from the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Sistem Informasi Masjid (SIMAS) and contains information from more than 650,000 mosques and mushallas across the country.
  • Data on the 2019 Indonesian election results (download)
    This dataset was scraped from the KPU website and contains information on election results on the province, kabupaten, kecamatan, and kelurahan levels. The code used to scrape the information is also available for reference / learning.
  • Demographic characteristics of Indonesian kecamatans and kabupatens based on the 2010 census (download)
    This dataset was constructed from the raw 2010 census data and contains information on various characteristics of Indonesian kecamatans and kabupatens, such as gender composition, religious composition, education level, or age distribution.